Gaining Weight The Easy Way:Should You Use Trenbolone?

Gaining weight is easy for almost everyone, right? Yes, but all that weight gain is mostly fat. Gaining weight is not easy if you want to build muscle mass. Athletes need to eat tons of protein and workout almost 24-7 to gain muscle mass, loss fat, and gain muscle definition. The results are visible but for some people, the body refuses to cooperate. As a result, even though they increase the intensity of their workouts, muscle gain does not increase. This can be frustrating and annoying but it can be overcome with the use of supplement. Precursor anabolic supplement like Crazy Bulk Trenbolone in particular are quite effective in overcoming this plateau effect and causing almost 10-20lbs of weight gain in less than six weeks.

How Does This Work? 

Trenorol is a safe and legal percursor form of Trenbolone. It converts to the active form inside the body and causes a range of anabolic steroid-like effects in the body. According to research, the drug can cause the retention of nitrogen ions in the body resulting in an increase in muscle cell formation. This leads to an increase in muscle mass. At the same time, the supplement seems to burn fat to product energy. Due to this fat burning property, the muscle appears well-defined and extremely lean. This is a desired effect and it makes the athlete appear ripped and strong. Along with the increased anabolic effect, the chemical also seems to delay or slow down catabolism. This means that old muscle cells are not broken down and they add to the overall bulky appearance of the muscle. Trenorol also seems to increase blood cell formation resulting in an improved blood supply to the muscle. In the end, the muscle appears larger, well-defined, lean and extremely vascular and this is a highly desirable effect.

What Does Crazy Bulk Trenorol Contain?

Crazy Mass has a proprietary mix of ingredients in its product and we do not know the exact ingredient mix. However, the ingredient label states that the product contains beta sitosterol, extract of samento bark, nettle leaf extract, and pepsin. Other ingredients may also be added to the product to increase its fat burning and muscle building effect.

Using Trenorol

Crazy Mass offer clear instructions on how to use the supplement. According to the company literature, you can take up to three capsules of the supplement. They have to be taken at the same time everyday and preferable 30-45 minutes before a workout. This brings the dose of Trenbolone up to 30-75mg every two days. Users can increase the dose but Crazy Mass urges a careful regulation of the actual Trenorol dose. In fact, you can also lower the dose of Trenorol by combining it in stacks. Crazy Mass does recommend the use of other supplements like D-Bal, DecaDuro, Winidrol, and Testo Max in conjunction with Trenorol. This will help you reduce your dose of Trenorol but ensure an overall weight gain and fat loss. The stacks are specifically formulated to ensure optimum weight loss and they are very, very effective.

Are There Any Side Effects With Trenorol?

Just like any other chemical, Trenorol also has mild side effects. Users have stated that secondary sexual characteristics like hair growth increase with higher-than-average doses of Trenorol. But as Crazy Mass offers an all-natural supplement, and the extent of side effects are actually minimal. The company also urges you to stick to the recommended daily dose over a 8-week period to ensure maximum gain and minimal side-effects. It also recommends that you take the supplement for two months and then give your body 1.5 months to recover from the supplement and adjust to the weight gain.


Crazy Mass actually offers a very competitively priced product. According to uses, a 90-capsule bottle can last you for a month and costs just about $60. The parent website does offer several deals. For example, at present you can buy two bottles and get one free. There is also a special 25% discount for the 4th of July. However, this product is only retailed through the parent website and the company does not ship all over the world. Furthermore,these discounts are only through the parent website and the product is not retailed through stores as well.

The Bottom Line

Trenorol does work and it does seem to cause muscle gain and fat loss. It is effective and affordable and it has very few side-effects. As a result, It is a good idea to research the product and use it to increase muscle mass. Just make sure that you buy the supplement from a reliable dealer or buy directly from the company website. This is because the company has several deals and discounts online and you are most likely to get the best deal on the product.